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Even games of children, as something

I am afraid, these not too frequent pathological with standings of mass irritating boredom sometutors are inclined to consider as normal game of children,provided to itself.Even games of children, as something frivolous, not dozhdafoxes of solid clinical researches.It is necessary to remember that adults play also, not onlychildren; that not always children play willingly; what not all,that we call game, actually game; what ischildish sports imitation of serious activityadults; that games on the free open space one, and in wallscities or houses others; also that we can considerchildish sports only from the point of view of a place, which theyborrow in modern society.

We include

In The sleeping beauty musicians play on ancient tools to lute, and harpsichord.We include a player and we expand the ideas of music in general and musical instruments in particular.Not at once, not to a certain term, without being guided by a reason that in years the child should know it as to know orchestra structure in years absolutely unessentially.It should nothing to anybody.It we should to train it so that to it it was easily breathed, it was clear, it was interesting.Why almost in a week the child should learn to distinguish everything seven flowers of a rainbow Parents fight with it as if on it depends life on the earth.

It is necessary

At any backlog of one it is necessary to involve all group that it supported the companion.the group surely should be more or less homogeneous.And if who that has to adjoin it – it is necessary to do it in extreme cases and very much ostorozhno.It is necessary to give it any time for preparation on accelerated programs that it could join in the same speed and in general in a technique, to understand a view of this group of life.It with some difficulty.But we have such examples when the child from outside really vkho in group and internally endures a certain conflict.

If the child

If first aid is rendered in time and correctly, the deadly outcome can be avoided.If the child has a small cut or a graze, they need to be washed out warm water with soap, to wipe dry and to apply a bandage with antibacterial ointment.If the child has a strong bleeding from a wound, it is necessary to press strongly fingers of hands wound area, previously having covered it with a pure napkin or clothes.It is necessary to render pressure upon a wound with such force at which the full stop of bleeding is reached.


Remembering the fairy tale Teremok, he will agree that all animals came to this lodge and lived, the place sufficed to all small animals, the big bear did not come yet and did not break this .The child well understands that all animals were located, it is necessary to build the big house.Changes in mentality of children of the fourth year of life are reflected in their relationship with contemporaries speech for children of this age becomes the main means of communicationEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONwith other children.The adult by means of speech can operate development and behavior of the child, namely to form at it concepts, to cause memoirs, to direct actions, to change its emotional condition.

Your speech

The content of such conversations, recitation, fairy tales should be available and clear to children is an understanding of everyday occurrences and the various facts from life of children and their native.It is necessary to give examples of positive relationship, acts.Tell that will promote manifestation of love to relatives and to animals.Your speech should be expressive, correct on construction, quiet, is addressed to each child separately.Adults should not use the trite phrases, often repeated speech should not complicate speech of children.The same words can be used in various combinations and situations.


It is impossible to approach to it with last measures and to solve, leaves them povea deniye for a framework or not, because their framework – new, all at them – new.We call it a hyperactivity, but it simple their norm.Hyperactivity –problem of adults, instead of children They cannot correctly be entered in our inert framework.But it not their, and our fault therefore we should reconsider urgently the standards povedea niya and start to treat in a different way children not to keep them in prison.We try to impose to them the standard of behavior, the restrictions.And they cannot to live so any more.Once people could live quietly all life in the village, never it leaving.


Suggest the kid to jingle the keys.Then give to the child one key and suggest to knock with him on a pillow.Knock with a key on a tree, glass, on a foot.Take metal, plastic, cardboard and wooden boxes.In turn put in them a key and try .Pay attention of the child to distinction of sounds.th WEEK You and your shadow It is possible to play this game as at home, and on the street.Sproyetsiruyte on a wall a shadow of the hands.Pay attention of the child to shadow movement.Using both hands, show to the kid a shadow of a doggie, a cock.Explain that the child too has a shadow, show it.

The arena

Children's arena Last years among parents use of arenas was very popular.Then there was time of oblivion and use of arenas practically refused.Time introduces the amendments, and in recent years arenas again are the important adaptation on the care of children.Arenas give the chance to parents to do household chores, take a shower or to change clothes on a short period.The arena allows the child to be in the safe territory.Many modern arenas are transformed and turn into a figurative cot.Such adaptation with a dual functional purpose is convenient for using on trips and travel.It is very important to talk about aspects of safety of use of this adaptation.

Do not allow

Sometimes it is possible to carry out minute procedures in a bathroom.For this purpose it is necessary to close a door in a bathroom and to include hot water in soul.Do not allow stay of the child in places where there is a tobacco smoke.Passive smoking can lead to strong irritation of respiratory ways and cause cough.When to call the doctor.Bronchitis happens frequent complication of cold.Call the doctor if there were symptoms of bronchitis.Call the pediatrist if the child a yellow phlegm, body temperature if the phlegm contains blood proveins raised, the exhalation is complicated and truncated, there was a vomiting.

The appreciation

And though their idea of friendship is at assessment level of only external manifestations to help each other not to quarrel etc., this qualitatively new phenomenon has huge value in development of children.The appreciation abilities to play in collective testifies to understanding and assimilation by children of rules of behavior, about growth of requirements to actions and acts of companions on joint game, about development of the identity of each child.If children of younger and middle preschool age are limited only to fact ascertainin better what to be on friendly terms with that who well plays, in preparatory group to school differentiation of this concept begins.

Eventually, you should

In English word bring up It is synonymous to the word lift.To lift the child.Having looked at things from this party, You find new understanding.You here to lift the child to heavens.All the rest will occur by itself.,You need to learn how to transfer the child to God.Do not listen to authorities on the sphere of Education of children psychics.Eventually, you should refuse and that I speak.Listen to the heart.It knows that is necessary.Try to be released from head dictatorship.Refuse habitual ways, And let everything goes, as goes.

And it is very

In that measure in which intention on communication is in advance prepared, it is possible to release egoism.We will see at once, how everything is perfectly realized we are free actually and should not limit myself.From egoism not to get to anywhere.Also it is not necessary! It grows.And it is very good! You are roofing felt to should build on over it the communication with the others, and then this an ego theism will be to good.– At idea level it really very much inspires.Practically, what is necessary for the child to take this step towards to another – daily to communicate with other children under the direction of vospitate.


th WEEK Inflammation of the plaintive channel What is such.The gleam of the plaintive channel is very small even in a usual functional condition and when there is an inflammation of the plaintive channel, its walls are closed and form an obstacle for an effluence of plaintive liquid.Infection of the plaintive channel can occur at any age, but more often it meets at children.The age group from to weeks of life is most subject to a disease.Symptoms of blockade of the plaintive channel include violation of an effluence of plaintive liquid from one or both eyes; in an internal corner of an eye often there is a slime or pus; morbidity, reddening and puffiness round an eye; reddening of the belochny cover located round an internal corner of an eye.

In the childhood

But to direct these children on the correct way, the brave adults ready to innovations are necessary.These children teach us how to succeed in life, despite all difficulties which it before us puts.They learn us to enjoy life and to conduct an active way of life with a clear aim ahead of themselves.In the childhood many of them feel that society does not accept them, it seems to them that their specific manner to be trained, unusual abilities and high I.Q.only disturb them in life.But with age they understand that actually all this only helps to assimilate with society.

Probably, hesitating

In a number of families mother long delays conversation and begins it only when the girl had the first blood on linen.With boys in many families in general prefer not to speak on these subjects.Probably, hesitating or believing that the street will teach better.I want to impart experience.Once I could work one summer as the tutor in a summer camp.This summer camp intended for children of military pilots.Many children got used to freedom and conditions of military units.

We should

if he heard about something for the first time after year age, it any more will not be its personal.– I will specify.if we prepare the child since the early childhood, and it passes certain conditions, to age of nine years it already has experience objedineniye in big groups – He should understand, for what it becomes.It should gain opredelenny skills in it.Should experience positive and otritsatelny feelings, contacts, actions, consequences at its level of understandin perception, instincts.We should in it all this as though save up, accumulate these images.They should be in it, as bookmarks, as data I together with all, I against all, it is good, it is bad.

At children

Games on household subjects form at children respect and love to members of the family, responsiveness, generosity, care etc.So, the girl, putting a doll kid to bed, speaks Let sleeps.Do not rustle, and that wake.She tenderly calls her the sonny, puts to bed, shows tenderness and care.At children of years interest to games in dolls continues to accrue.The doll corner should be not storage of anonymous dolls, and first of all a residence of a closeknit doll family in which each doll has a name, the character.


Without having passed the line dividing the childhood and adult life, such people all life can remain children.At many people of the world transition through this line was marked by initiation.During such ceremony it was named for adult life.That name which called the child up to this point, as though died together with his childhood.It would be quite good to many parents also to start to call the matured child by an adult name.Especially for boys it is necessary.Many of children who have not passed in time this transition, pass age of rebelliousness in later age.In years they suddenly understand that life which they lived still, any more does not suit them.

Hi, girl! From

In about l to asks at the beginning I surely I add this word.Hi, girl! From where you have this hat To R and with N and I and about h to and answer.Mother connected.In about l to.And threads where took To R and with N and I and about h to and.Bought.In about l to.Where To R and with N and I and about h to and.In shop.In about l to.Let's try on tries on a cap, returns ee to the girl.It is small.And ears are not located.There is you where To R and with N and I and about h to and.

They become

The kid can sort subjects of flowers and the sizes.To this age the child can make some independent steps.Favourite soft toy To age of months the child chooses onetwo soft toys.They become its favourite toys.Researchers consider that children feel cozier when at a zasypaniye they embrace the favourites, besides, soft toys can replace parental heat during the moments of absence of parents of the house, help children to find rest and sense of stability.By months the child can have a favourite soft toyth WEEK Delay of rates of physical development To this age rates of physical development are slowed down.

At such way of introduction

If usually the child eats teaspoons of mashed potatoes, take teaspoons of sweet potatoes and add to them teaspoon of the wiped green haricot.Next day take bigger quantity of haricot and smaller quantity of potatoes.Continue in the same spirit until the child will not pass completely to green haricot.At such way of introduction of a new dish there is a gradual accustoming to taste of new food.Besides, this way allows to supervise emergence of allergic reactions to a new product.th WEEKDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development now uses a perekatyvaniye for movement on a room lying on a back, lifts and lowers buttocks Sense organs and reflexes touches, grasps a subject, its beret in a mouth Intellectual development well tells , oh, pas, hectare the photo or the picture with the image of the child are associated with itself by Social development Each kid wants to take part in communication of adults is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

And also UNICEFWHO. BabyFriendly

On a question

For example, playing with a construction set, the child refused to build the house or garage which built on last occupations.On a question of the adult That we will be to build, the child answered Thatthat.The adult supported and approved an initiative child Parovozik we will build Give! Here what long train turned out.There went carriages thatthat!.Spontaneously arising situations of communication often appear less clear for the teacher, demand to be more attentive, to put more efforts for achievement of mutual understanding.

Continue to give

It can turn away from food offered by you only because wants to eat itself.It is not terrible, if the child is not rather dexterous and .Shortly skills will improve, under condition of their continuous development.Continue to give dishes or food which it is possible to eat with hands.It develops manual capture and helps to find skills of independent feeding.By this time the kid can double the weight at the birth.Fatigue from a small bottle Approximately at this age drink from a small bottle starts to bother the child.

It absolutely

here is not present and there should be no secrets and manipulations, teacher's a lump where we hold the closed meetings, fiveminutes.On the contrary, we can discuss everything with children absolutely openly.It absolutely other approach to life! We are before a nature call.It made us egoists and puts before us a problem to change itself.It is our common problem! And as far as each of us will feel the active participant of its decision, will passively not wait for correction, and itself will create also itself, and an environment,so this process will be creative.

To defend

In the early seventies the remarkableteacher V.Shatalov offered the magnificenttechnique of school development and training of children,as a result of which introduction all pupils of a classmastered programs three times quicker, than usually.To defend the early period of development of children beganand N.Zaytsev who concentrated attention onuse of cubes and tables.Started workson release of intelligence of children and in otherscountries S.Suzuki, M.Ibuka in Japan, Damanin the USA where techniques and programs were offereddisclosures of potential of separate abilitiesand intelligence sides.

Let's blow

Teacher and children collect leaflets.Then game repeats again.It is snowing! Purpose formation of a smooth long exhalation; activization of lip muscles.Equipment cotton wool slices.Game course The teacher displays cotton wool slices on a table, reminds children about winter.Present that now winter.On the street the snowball falls.Let's blow on snowflakes.The adult shows how to blow on cotton wool, children repeat.Then all lift cotton wool, and game repeats again.Dandelion Purpose development of a smooth long exhalation through a mouth; activization of the lip muscles.Game course Game carry out on air on a clearing where dandelions grow.


Certainly, in system Nikitinykh there were obvious defects,about which they wrote subsequently onessences, it there was a system of technocratic education;in a family raised future engineers, mastersgold hands, and humanitarian, esthetic partypractically was absent.But games and grants which were developedthose years Nikitin, are really unique, and to thesetime at us, abroad it is not created anything thatcould surpass in the didactic possibilitieswellknown cubes Nikitinykh.Developing gamesNikitin not without the bases considered that toys, gamesanyway model life.in game the different parties of the personality of the child are shown,many are realized intellectual and emotionalrequirements, there is a character.

The vital

– Very well.the vital questions which have arisen from practice, is the best.Strange children from a far star Creation of the new, uniting Internet Disclosure of the new world – in communication The Internet over physical contact A role of the instructor – education Participation of parents in integrated education A technique for adults and for children A differential and integrated approach to the nature Criterion of success – an integralnost of the person in the environment Acting in education – It became clear that children are ready to perception of this technique much better, than their parents.

If you manage

If the kid would like to play a broom, ware or something else, he aspires to learn to carry out those manipulations which you possess.As many kids the most part of time are near mother who plays with kitchen ware, a broom and other household subjects, the child lasts to them.The kid aspires to learn manipulation with them and very much needs the patient help from the adult.If you manage to give in game to it these skills, further homework to the child will give pleasure.Many people, which parents were not reserved by love and patience, do not love homework.It is connected with irritation and impatience manifestation from adults while the kid reached for development of subjects.

But he never

To warm regions a field Tim to eat bananas.Asking me questions, Vanya wishes to give some comment, to make own observations and this the most valuable.But he never forgets, who from us asks, and who answers.I I am mistaken I call raspberry strawberry, cabbage haricot and on a question, who the father at a foal, I answer Wild boar! Vanya looks at me with suspicion and after a while declares You joke.He very much likes to ask me artful questions and deliberately to force down with I pound.What is it Mushroom.And kokretno Fly agaric.

We Eugene's parents

Some months later the child already talked quite well.In the present Eugene Osokin does not stammer absolutely.He is years old.It very much likes to remember fascinating meetings with Romena Teodorovna.We Eugene's parents regret only that lost in vain time, did not get acquainted yet with the person, which, thanks to the to unique technique, cured our son with Romena Teodorovna Avgustova.Parents Alexander Osokin Ekaterina Osokin I, Rynkovenko Rimma, Korneliusovna, arrived from Chelyabinsk with the son Gerald, , at it a Down syndrome.

Many parents

AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDWHAT the NEW OCCURRED ON the th WEEKThe child wants to communicate only with mother or only with the father not surprisingly that children are rather afraid of another's people.Many parents teach them to it.However can seem strange that the kid wants to communicate only with one of parents and absolutely ignores another.Preference of one parent to another this everyday occurrence for children's mentality.The child can prefer communication with one parent for rest findin and with another for occupations and games.If the child protests against you took it on hands, and with hunting goes to other parent, means, came to be discharged a little time.

Food and dishes

Food and dishes bread, roll, cheese, sausage, sausages milk, oil, sour cream, tvorozhok, yogurt, cookies, juice, small eg porridge, soup, salad, sandwich, tea, compote, etc.Vegetables and fruit cabbage, potato, carrot, onions, cucumber, tomato; orange, banana, apple, pear, plum, etc.Plants tree, bush, grass, flowers, berries, etc.Names of animals and birds which the child often sees do cat, birdie, pigeon, sparrow, crow, horse, etc.Separate names of subjects of surrounding life street, road, traffic light, cars, plane, swin hill, park, etc.Separate names of the phenomena of surrounding life water, earth, sun, sky, rain, snow, night, day, etc.

Mothers, there

We sometimes at all do not suspect that in itto brain all most usual words are already printedand actions of mother.Mothers, there is much talkingMasara Ibuk After a sin already late with the child, make huge impact on its intellectualdevelopment.Not to lisp with the child.When he starts to speak,that murmurs something similar to words its bodiesspeeches are not absolutely developed yet, and therefore articulationthe device is not in time behind desire to speak.And if adults speak with it on same the children'slanguage, considering that the child of another will not understand,the correct language skills will never be created.Moreover, in the course of language development the kidwill always rely not on the speech, and on that,as adults speak.

Ours schools, our society

Add to to it huge psychological loading the child with a Down syndrome feels the insolvency.Normal children very often about the cruelty which has been quite often provoked by parents, which are very dissatisfied with such innovation in school practice.Ours schools, our society are not ready to similar experiments.That concerns special schools, here the problems.How to change existing situation When our children will cease to consider as useless cargo on a society neck Widely developed information to which should give the new is necessary direction.Recently transfers on television about children with Down syndrome follow one another.

Being fastened

It is best of all to choose a jacket which has the mittens which are fastening directly to sleeves.Being fastened mittens densely adjoin to jacket sleeves and consequently there are no cracks through which to hands of the child cold air could get.If you live in the territory with very frigid climate and nevertheless walk with the child on the street even in cold weather, the warmed winter overalls are necessary for the kid.Such overalls should have lightning fasteners from anklebones to the neck.If the child started to go, overalls models with the closed foot can complicate process of movement of the kid considerably.

Kids possess

Thus,for music, as well as for readin importanceget components active hearinMusical academy of the doctor of Suzuki accurate motivation, repetition, stepbystep approach,dictionary, involvement of parents.The result can reverse representationabout abilities of the child.One of Suzuki principles an assotsiirovannostwith a manner of children's perception of parent speech.Kids possess surprising abilitycognizance and reproduction of the thinnest nuancesspoken language.To Suzuki trusted and proved itthe technique of training that the child precisely socan learn and distinguish musical sounds.

Let's give

Such in a way, game leaves on new level using mastered game and skills, the child and the adult operate as equals, not as conducting and conducted, and as partners.Child can go further to try to assume a role of the leader, and follows to give it such opportunity.Let's give an example.After during several occupations were mastered different actions with a ball to roll a ball on sweat and from a hill, to throw a ball into a basket, to force down a ball size game was organized, the adult offered the child to roll a ball on a floor, but the child disagreed, having sounded refusal by a word Not!.Then the adult suggested to explain, how the child wants to play As we will be to play tell!.


For decrease in body temperature and reduction of discomfort it is possible to give atseta or an ibuprofen in an age dosage.When to call the doctor.As soon as you noticed at the child sharp temperature increase of a body or inflammation signs in any part of an organism, call the doctor.Sepsis a serious disease which demands the appendix of the maximum efforts for recovery.Complete mutual understanding between doctors and parents of the child is necessary.In the conditions of a hospital blood will be taken from the child for definition of a look and a microorganism strain.Antibacterial and supporting therapy will be intravenously carried out.

And ours for giving

On the contrary, we should reveal their talents at teenage age.We prepare children for that in years they started to study universithe tetsky program.Before they should find out accurately that for them it is correct.And ours for giving – to push them to a choice which corresponds to their inclinations, instead of depends on possibility of advance or the amount of future earnings.– But the contribution to common cause is always estimated – Certainly.And differently its internal parameters will not correspond you an abusive profession, it will not be of use for anybody and itself will not be happy.

It does not remove

Those children who are engaged with the skilled tutors, receive many skills in kindergarten.It does not remove responsibility from parents.After all the child should receive the most important education and development from close people.With the child it is necessary to play and in game to continue to prepare for adult life.If since the beginning and to high school you can turn all process of training into game, the child will have no serious problems not only with study, ache with communication with contemporaries and with own creative manifestation.Children of years already realize the phenomena of public life better, them labor activity of adults interests.

I will be a doctor! Ah, as nicely! Parents

Often children invent, whom they want to be, it is simple to find feeling of the purpose and meaning of the life.I will be a doctor! Ah, as nicely! Parents are quiet, people are proud of you, and it is considered that with you everything is all right, ™ are going to be someone.I also told it to all since I was seven years old.Reached before that I suddenly found out that I study on training courses of medical college.And here I had a question Minute, and what I here do Then I also started to look for actively possibility to reestablish communication with the spiritual being.

As well as any new word, a synonym

You will have blizzard, a snowstorm, blizzard , hole, openin tear, and you will speak not only darkly, but also pitch darkness, it is pitch dark.As well as any new word, a synonym should not, having appeared once, for a long time to disappear, without having left in memory of a trace.We tell them constantly, the acquired we replace new, and after a while the child, bending fingers on a hand, on a question as the hare whom the pad hurts goes, will answer goes, hobbles, limps, it is hardly dragged.And not only will answer, but also will show, as it limps.

So we pyare

– Or in general I do nothing.– Well, then everything depends on punishment.if it is correct, in sleblowing time to me already will have no time for to look for a way to leave from it.Let's say punishment will force me to overcome laziness.That is the suffering from it should be more than pleasant filling from idleness.So we pyare thawed to correct criminals – we punish them that did not make again the same offense.How to us to make, that the child, having understood, what task before it puts at sorts, society, parents, could overcome the unwillingness and make what from it demand Practically, any task is reduced to, that preodoyears the laziness, egoism, desire to enjoy and perform work in which there is no pleasure.

If mother

If mother in the family was a firstborn, what relations at it arise with the first child, what they do Each of them imposes the rules each other.If mother the firstborn, toys at the child have to be absolutely ideally cleaned everything because she so considers.Here he should eat here it, and it she so considers it.And it should have all so.It is good, if the father the second child in the family.It is softer.He will tellListen, well you carp Yes let it pass! Well did not clean there, it is all the same possible to sleep to go.But the most awful consists that the firstborn child too has rules, and they not the mother's.


The endured stresses and memory of them force to come back to them all again and again.Even if it seems to us that we already forgot long ago about them, they own us.Memory of stresses remains in depths of our subconsciousness and directs our acts.It is possible to tell that all people as a result of the endured stresses limited the perception of the world that led to violation of health physical and emotional.Harmonious growth and development are impossible without ability to training.Some parents confuse this ability to learning and a zazubrivaniye of certain school subjects.

Now the understanding

For example, having seen a parent breast or a small bottle, starts to make sosatelny movements or in the evenin before going to bed, expects bathing or a song lullaby.Now the understanding of interrelation of actions and subjects considerably increased.Having been hit in hands a spoon, the kid starts to stir slowly with it even if still there is no plate.Having seen a paper napkin, it takes it and wipes a mouth.These actions of the child show understanding of purpose of a subject and interrelation between a subject and action.rd WEEK Coordination of movements of hands the Child improves can take a subject in one hand and start to knock them in surrounding subjects.

As a resulteven

So scoliosis, fast fatigue, deteriorationsight, stresses and other attributes of the traditionalstudies here are afraid least.As a resulteven silent children start to speak,the lexicon extends, speech becomes morecorrect, than at agemates.And the main thing at childrenthere is a mass of interests.They would like to illustratecompositions and to sign pictures, to readverses and to sing.Zaytsev's technique can be applied the differentin the ways.It is possible to arrange the child in kindergarten,where communication is under construction on this system.

At violation

Children of this age have certain brain changes.Actively the interrelation between hemispheres at level parts of limbic system of a brain an olfactory brain ripens.Participates in mechanisms of formation of emotions, memory consolidation that is transition of shortterm memory in longterm.Structure which plays large role in mechanical memory.At violation of these communications there is a deterioration of storing and information storage.Domination of the left hemisphere on speech is in parallel formed.Correctly it is wrongEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONWhen we learn the child to understand distinctions meanwhile that for it it is useful, and that is not present, we deny a natural course of brain development and hormonal fluctuations.

We are the main

It is best of all, this their place – the apartment or a lodge where they on are gone together.And besides, all this is reshuffled – children in group, tutors.They should cease to see each other it it is very important.There should not be that is whom here it is my companion, and the others that – not my companions That is it is unimportant, who it is direct near me, everything is my companions.We are the main thing– How there should be this reshuffle In the form of game or a lottery – Any way, but it is constant.It is possible also lotteries.It is possible in the computer slua tea set as in the slot machine, start up throws out on the counter of random numbers sets on ten people in group.

The rude fellow

The guide who will politely answer is necessaryon questions.Respect him ignorance!The person malicious, the speculator, the villain will use not with knowledge of the foreigner also will answer unintelligibly, umyshlenno misleading.The rude fellow will mutter to itself undernose.No, we not benevolently inform, and we fightalso we are barked with children we chide, we utter, nakazyvay.As it is pitiable knowledge of the child, not would be poor at find it them from agemates, do not overhear, do not stealfrom words and conversations of adults.Respect knowledge work!.Respect failures and tears!Not only the torn stockin but also scratched to Coca but, not only the broken glass, but also the cut finger,bruise, the cone so, pain.

I I age of the child

Your first olfactory game with the child also is the invitation in this real and at the same time fantastic world.I I age of the child AS MATURED the CHILD FOR the th WEEKMass of a body of the child of kg of length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Clothes for house travel The clothes for house travel should be convenient and correspond to growth of the child.The big clothes on the size will prevent the child to go, and long sleeves can cling to furniture ledges.

The doctor

Remove all liquid.Impose a sterile napkin and bandage it to a natertost place.Before again putting on to the kid footwear, protect a sore point the enclosed slice of foam rubber.When to call the doctor.Call the doctor if the foot considerably reddened, swelled or the wound bleeds.The doctor can recommend imposing of mazevy compresses.In hard cases carrying out a course of antibacterial therapy can be necessary.Prevention measures.

Except that, he is the big fan of flowers

At me on a site vegetables will grow and my neighbor has medicinal herbs both a kitchen garden, and an orchard.Except that, he is the big fan of flowers grows up on beds of a rose, a lily, carnations, and at a fence by itself any other grass and field grew florets.We distribute among themselves the corresponding cards.First of all to us the dwelling is necessary.I have a house onestoreyed, Vanya has more.At me is do and at it a cat, a cock, turkeycocks and hens.We display our cards.Here the bed with carrots, here onions grows, there ascended fennel.

The same as in the original

It did not depart from me on step, and when to me time came to come back home, it it is persevering persuaded me to spend the night, inventing every possible options of mine devices on a new place.At the heart of such relations, such love something should lie bigger, than simply joint games, walks, gifts.The same as in the original to the friendship connecting adult people, in these relations it is concluded where more important, deeper and serious contents.A way, on which we together we move, a way of joint creativity, failures, successes, overcomings, achievements it is equally important both for me and for the child.For me it was opening.

And then

When the love towers over personal ambitions, people become expensive each other and find out suddenly that only together, thanks to special unity which they sozgave, they have a possibility to be connected to the most powerful Ge to an energy nerator which wholly will suffice for two.for the sake of it they are ready and to concede further each other, to understand each other, to release in themselves a place for each other.And then the nature generates force which will help them to win prenebrezhescientific research institute and commercialism – invariable companions of the person.Thanks to these joint victories two halves each time will open anew a whole, which they with and to rise over difficulties instead of giving in to them.


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