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The doctor

The doctor Remove all liquid.

Impose a sterile napkin and bandage it to a natertost place.

Before again putting on to the kid footwear, protect a sore point the enclosed slice of foam rubber.

When to call the doctor.

Call the doctor if the foot considerably reddened, swelled or the wound bleeds.

The doctor can recommend imposing of mazevy compresses.

In hard cases carrying out a course of antibacterial therapy can be necessary.

Prevention measures.

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Except that, he is the big fan of flowers

Except that, he is the big fan of flowers At me on a site vegetables will grow and my neighbor has medicinal herbs both a kitchen garden, and an orchard.

Except that, he is the big fan of flowers grows up on beds of a rose, a lily, carnations, and at a fence by itself any other grass and field grew florets.

We distribute among themselves the corresponding cards.

First of all to us the dwelling is necessary.

I have a house onestoreyed, Vanya has more.

At me is do and at it a cat, a cock, turkeycocks and hens.

We display our cards.

Here the bed with carrots, here onions grows, there ascended fennel.

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The same as in the original

The same as in the original It did not depart from me on step, and when to me time came to come back home, it it is persevering persuaded me to spend the night, inventing every possible options of mine devices on a new place.

At the heart of such relations, such love something should lie bigger, than simply joint games, walks, gifts.

The same as in the original to the friendship connecting adult people, in these relations it is concluded where more important, deeper and serious contents.

A way, on which we together we move, a way of joint creativity, failures, successes, overcomings, achievements it is equally important both for me and for the child.

For me it was opening.

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And then

And then When the love towers over personal ambitions, people become expensive each other and find out suddenly that only together, thanks to special unity which they sozgave, they have a possibility to be connected to the most powerful Ge to an energy nerator which wholly will suffice for two.

for the sake of it they are ready and to concede further each other, to understand each other, to release in themselves a place for each other.

And then the nature generates force which will help them to win prenebrezhescientific research institute and commercialism – invariable companions of the person.

Thanks to these joint victories two halves each time will open anew a whole, which they with and to rise over difficulties instead of giving in to them.

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