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And it is very

And it is very In that measure in which intention on communication is in advance prepared, it is possible to release egoism.

We will see at once, how everything is perfectly realized we are free actually and should not limit myself.

From egoism not to get to anywhere.

Also it is not necessary! It grows.

And it is very good! You are roofing felt to should build on over it the communication with the others, and then this an ego theism will be to good.

– At idea level it really very much inspires.

Practically, what is necessary for the child to take this step towards to another – daily to communicate with other children under the direction of vospitate.

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Infectionth WEEK Inflammation of the plaintive channel What is such.

The gleam of the plaintive channel is very small even in a usual functional condition and when there is an inflammation of the plaintive channel, its walls are closed and form an obstacle for an effluence of plaintive liquid.

Infection of the plaintive channel can occur at any age, but more often it meets at children.

The age group from to weeks of life is most subject to a disease.

Symptoms of blockade of the plaintive channel include violation of an effluence of plaintive liquid from one or both eyes; in an internal corner of an eye often there is a slime or pus; morbidity, reddening and puffiness round an eye; reddening of the belochny cover located round an internal corner of an eye.

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In the childhood

In the childhood But to direct these children on the correct way, the brave adults ready to innovations are necessary.

These children teach us how to succeed in life, despite all difficulties which it before us puts.

They learn us to enjoy life and to conduct an active way of life with a clear aim ahead of themselves.

In the childhood many of them feel that society does not accept them, it seems to them that their specific manner to be trained, unusual abilities and high I.


only disturb them in life.

But with age they understand that actually all this only helps to assimilate with society.

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Probably, hesitating

Probably, hesitatingIn a number of families mother long delays conversation and begins it only when the girl had the first blood on linen.

With boys in many families in general prefer not to speak on these subjects.

Probably, hesitating or believing that the street will teach better.

I want to impart experience.

Once I could work one summer as the tutor in a summer camp.

This summer camp intended for children of military pilots.

Many children got used to freedom and conditions of military units.

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We should

We should if he heard about something for the first time after year age, it any more will not be its personal.

– I will specify.

if we prepare the child since the early childhood, and it passes certain conditions, to age of nine years it already has experience objedineniye in big groups – He should understand, for what it becomes.

It should gain opredelenny skills in it.

Should experience positive and otritsatelny feelings, contacts, actions, consequences at its level of understandin perception, instincts.

We should in it all this as though save up, accumulate these images.

They should be in it, as bookmarks, as data I together with all, I against all, it is good, it is bad.

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At children

At children Games on household subjects form at children respect and love to members of the family, responsiveness, generosity, care etc.

So, the girl, putting a doll kid to bed, speaks Let sleeps.

Do not rustle, and that wake.

She tenderly calls her the sonny, puts to bed, shows tenderness and care.

At children of years interest to games in dolls continues to accrue.

The doll corner should be not storage of anonymous dolls, and first of all a residence of a closeknit doll family in which each doll has a name, the character.

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