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Hyperactivity It is impossible to approach to it with last measures and to solve, leaves them povea deniye for a framework or not, because their framework – new, all at them – new.

We call it a hyperactivity, but it simple their norm.

Hyperactivity –problem of adults, instead of children They cannot correctly be entered in our inert framework.

But it not their, and our fault therefore we should reconsider urgently the standards povedea niya and start to treat in a different way children not to keep them in prison.

We try to impose to them the standard of behavior, the restrictions.

And they cannot to live so any more.

Once people could live quietly all life in the village, never it leaving.

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Sproyetsiruyte Suggest the kid to jingle the keys.

Then give to the child one key and suggest to knock with him on a pillow.

Knock with a key on a tree, glass, on a foot.

Take metal, plastic, cardboard and wooden boxes.

In turn put in them a key and try .

Pay attention of the child to distinction of sounds.

th WEEK You and your shadow It is possible to play this game as at home, and on the street.

Sproyetsiruyte on a wall a shadow of the hands.

Pay attention of the child to shadow movement.

Using both hands, show to the kid a shadow of a doggie, a cock.

Explain that the child too has a shadow, show it.

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The arena

The arena Children's arena Last years among parents use of arenas was very popular.

Then there was time of oblivion and use of arenas practically refused.

Time introduces the amendments, and in recent years arenas again are the important adaptation on the care of children.

Arenas give the chance to parents to do household chores, take a shower or to change clothes on a short period.

The arena allows the child to be in the safe territory.

Many modern arenas are transformed and turn into a figurative cot.

Such adaptation with a dual functional purpose is convenient for using on trips and travel.

It is very important to talk about aspects of safety of use of this adaptation.

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Do not allow

Do not allow Sometimes it is possible to carry out minute procedures in a bathroom.

For this purpose it is necessary to close a door in a bathroom and to include hot water in soul.

Do not allow stay of the child in places where there is a tobacco smoke.

Passive smoking can lead to strong irritation of respiratory ways and cause cough.

When to call the doctor.

Bronchitis happens frequent complication of cold.

Call the doctor if there were symptoms of bronchitis.

Call the pediatrist if the child a yellow phlegm, body temperature if the phlegm contains blood proveins raised, the exhalation is complicated and truncated, there was a vomiting.

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The appreciation

The appreciation And though their idea of friendship is at assessment level of only external manifestations to help each other not to quarrel etc.

, this qualitatively new phenomenon has huge value in development of children.

The appreciation abilities to play in collective testifies to understanding and assimilation by children of rules of behavior, about growth of requirements to actions and acts of companions on joint game, about development of the identity of each child.

If children of younger and middle preschool age are limited only to fact ascertainin better what to be on friendly terms with that who well plays, in preparatory group to school differentiation of this concept begins.

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Eventually, you should

Eventually, you should In English word bring up It is synonymous to the word lift.

To lift the child.

Having looked at things from this party, You find new understanding.

You here to lift the child to heavens.

All the rest will occur by itself.

,You need to learn how to transfer the child to God.

Do not listen to authorities on the sphere of Education of children psychics.

Eventually, you should refuse and that I speak.

Listen to the heart.

It knows that is necessary.

Try to be released from head dictatorship.

Refuse habitual ways, And let everything goes, as goes.

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