Complete For decrease in body temperature and reduction of discomfort it is possible to give atseta or an ibuprofen in an age dosage.

When to call the doctor.

As soon as you noticed at the child sharp temperature increase of a body or inflammation signs in any part of an organism, call the doctor.

Sepsis a serious disease which demands the appendix of the maximum efforts for recovery.

Complete mutual understanding between doctors and parents of the child is necessary.

In the conditions of a hospital blood will be taken from the child for definition of a look and a microorganism strain.

Antibacterial and supporting therapy will be intravenously carried out.

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And ours for giving

And ours for giving On the contrary, we should reveal their talents at teenage age.

We prepare children for that in years they started to study universithe tetsky program.

Before they should find out accurately that for them it is correct.

And ours for giving – to push them to a choice which corresponds to their inclinations, instead of depends on possibility of advance or the amount of future earnings.

– But the contribution to common cause is always estimated – Certainly.

And differently its internal parameters will not correspond you an abusive profession, it will not be of use for anybody and itself will not be happy.

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It does not remove

It does not remove Those children who are engaged with the skilled tutors, receive many skills in kindergarten.

It does not remove responsibility from parents.

After all the child should receive the most important education and development from close people.

With the child it is necessary to play and in game to continue to prepare for adult life.

If since the beginning and to high school you can turn all process of training into game, the child will have no serious problems not only with study, ache with communication with contemporaries and with own creative manifestation.

Children of years already realize the phenomena of public life better, them labor activity of adults interests.

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I will be a doctor! Ah, as nicely! Parents

I will be a doctor! Ah, as nicely! Parents Often children invent, whom they want to be, it is simple to find feeling of the purpose and meaning of the life.

I will be a doctor! Ah, as nicely! Parents are quiet, people are proud of you, and it is considered that with you everything is all right, ™ are going to be someone.

I also told it to all since I was seven years old.

Reached before that I suddenly found out that I study on training courses of medical college.

And here I had a question Minute, and what I here do Then I also started to look for actively possibility to reestablish communication with the spiritual being.

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As well as any new word, a synonym

As well as any new word, a synonym You will have blizzard, a snowstorm, blizzard , hole, openin tear, and you will speak not only darkly, but also pitch darkness, it is pitch dark.

As well as any new word, a synonym should not, having appeared once, for a long time to disappear, without having left in memory of a trace.

We tell them constantly, the acquired we replace new, and after a while the child, bending fingers on a hand, on a question as the hare whom the pad hurts goes, will answer goes, hobbles, limps, it is hardly dragged.

And not only will answer, but also will show, as it limps.

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