Mothers, there

Mothers, there We sometimes at all do not suspect that in itto brain all most usual words are already printedand actions of mother.

Mothers, there is much talkingMasara Ibuk After a sin already late with the child, make huge impact on its intellectualdevelopment.

Not to lisp with the child.

When he starts to speak,that murmurs something similar to words its bodiesspeeches are not absolutely developed yet, and therefore articulationthe device is not in time behind desire to speak.

And if adults speak with it on same the children'slanguage, considering that the child of another will not understand,the correct language skills will never be created.

Moreover, in the course of language development the kidwill always rely not on the speech, and on that,as adults speak.

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Ours schools, our society

Ours schools, our society Add to to it huge psychological loading the child with a Down syndrome feels the insolvency.

Normal children very often about the cruelty which has been quite often provoked by parents, which are very dissatisfied with such innovation in school practice.

Ours schools, our society are not ready to similar experiments.

That concerns special schools, here the problems.

How to change existing situation When our children will cease to consider as useless cargo on a society neck Widely developed information to which should give the new is necessary direction.

Recently transfers on television about children with Down syndrome follow one another.

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Being fastened

Being fastened It is best of all to choose a jacket which has the mittens which are fastening directly to sleeves.

Being fastened mittens densely adjoin to jacket sleeves and consequently there are no cracks through which to hands of the child cold air could get.

If you live in the territory with very frigid climate and nevertheless walk with the child on the street even in cold weather, the warmed winter overalls are necessary for the kid.

Such overalls should have lightning fasteners from anklebones to the neck.

If the child started to go, overalls models with the closed foot can complicate process of movement of the kid considerably.

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Kids possess

Kids possess Thus,for music, as well as for readin importanceget components active hearinMusical academy of the doctor of Suzuki accurate motivation, repetition, stepbystep approach,dictionary, involvement of parents.

The result can reverse representationabout abilities of the child.

One of Suzuki principles an assotsiirovannostwith a manner of children's perception of parent speech.

Kids possess surprising abilitycognizance and reproduction of the thinnest nuancesspoken language.

To Suzuki trusted and proved itthe technique of training that the child precisely socan learn and distinguish musical sounds.

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Let's give

Let's give Such in a way, game leaves on new level using mastered game and skills, the child and the adult operate as equals, not as conducting and conducted, and as partners.

Child can go further to try to assume a role of the leader, and follows to give it such opportunity.

Let's give an example.

After during several occupations were mastered different actions with a ball to roll a ball on sweat and from a hill, to throw a ball into a basket, to force down a ball size game was organized, the adult offered the child to roll a ball on a floor, but the child disagreed, having sounded refusal by a word Not!.

Then the adult suggested to explain, how the child wants to play As we will be to play tell!.

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