It absolutely

It absolutely here is not present and there should be no secrets and manipulations, teacher's a lump where we hold the closed meetings, fiveminutes.

On the contrary, we can discuss everything with children absolutely openly.

It absolutely other approach to life! We are before a nature call.

It made us egoists and puts before us a problem to change itself.

It is our common problem! And as far as each of us will feel the active participant of its decision, will passively not wait for correction, and itself will create also itself, and an environment,so this process will be creative.

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To defend

To defend In the early seventies the remarkableteacher V.

Shatalov offered the magnificenttechnique of school development and training of children,as a result of which introduction all pupils of a classmastered programs three times quicker, than usually.

To defend the early period of development of children beganand N.

Zaytsev who concentrated attention onuse of cubes and tables.

Started workson release of intelligence of children and in otherscountries S.

Suzuki, M.

Ibuka in Japan, Damanin the USA where techniques and programs were offereddisclosures of potential of separate abilitiesand intelligence sides.

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Let's blow

Let's blow Teacher and children collect leaflets.

Then game repeats again.

It is snowing! Purpose formation of a smooth long exhalation; activization of lip muscles.

Equipment cotton wool slices.

Game course The teacher displays cotton wool slices on a table, reminds children about winter.

Present that now winter.

On the street the snowball falls.

Let's blow on snowflakes.

The adult shows how to blow on cotton wool, children repeat.

Then all lift cotton wool, and game repeats again.

Dandelion Purpose development of a smooth long exhalation through a mouth; activization of the lip muscles.

Game course Game carry out on air on a clearing where dandelions grow.

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DevelopingCertainly, in system Nikitinykh there were obvious defects,about which they wrote subsequently onessences, it there was a system of technocratic education;in a family raised future engineers, mastersgold hands, and humanitarian, esthetic partypractically was absent.

But games and grants which were developedthose years Nikitin, are really unique, and to thesetime at us, abroad it is not created anything thatcould surpass in the didactic possibilitieswellknown cubes Nikitinykh.

Developing gamesNikitin not without the bases considered that toys, gamesanyway model life.

in game the different parties of the personality of the child are shown,many are realized intellectual and emotionalrequirements, there is a character.

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The vital

The vital – Very well.

the vital questions which have arisen from practice, is the best.

Strange children from a far star Creation of the new, uniting Internet Disclosure of the new world – in communication The Internet over physical contact A role of the instructor – education Participation of parents in integrated education A technique for adults and for children A differential and integrated approach to the nature Criterion of success – an integralnost of the person in the environment Acting in education – It became clear that children are ready to perception of this technique much better, than their parents.

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