Probably, hesitating

Probably, hesitatingIn a number of families mother long delays conversation and begins it only when the girl had the first blood on linen.

With boys in many families in general prefer not to speak on these subjects.

Probably, hesitating or believing that the street will teach better.

I want to impart experience.

Once I could work one summer as the tutor in a summer camp.

This summer camp intended for children of military pilots.

Many children got used to freedom and conditions of military units.

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We should

We should if he heard about something for the first time after year age, it any more will not be its personal.

– I will specify.

if we prepare the child since the early childhood, and it passes certain conditions, to age of nine years it already has experience objedineniye in big groups – He should understand, for what it becomes.

It should gain opredelenny skills in it.

Should experience positive and otritsatelny feelings, contacts, actions, consequences at its level of understandin perception, instincts.

We should in it all this as though save up, accumulate these images.

They should be in it, as bookmarks, as data I together with all, I against all, it is good, it is bad.

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At children

At children Games on household subjects form at children respect and love to members of the family, responsiveness, generosity, care etc.

So, the girl, putting a doll kid to bed, speaks Let sleeps.

Do not rustle, and that wake.

She tenderly calls her the sonny, puts to bed, shows tenderness and care.

At children of years interest to games in dolls continues to accrue.

The doll corner should be not storage of anonymous dolls, and first of all a residence of a closeknit doll family in which each doll has a name, the character.

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Especially Without having passed the line dividing the childhood and adult life, such people all life can remain children.

At many people of the world transition through this line was marked by initiation.

During such ceremony it was named for adult life.

That name which called the child up to this point, as though died together with his childhood.

It would be quite good to many parents also to start to call the matured child by an adult name.

Especially for boys it is necessary.

Many of children who have not passed in time this transition, pass age of rebelliousness in later age.

In years they suddenly understand that life which they lived still, any more does not suit them.

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Hi, girl! From

Hi, girl! From In about l to asks at the beginning I surely I add this word.

Hi, girl! From where you have this hat To R and with N and I and about h to and answer.

Mother connected.

In about l to.

And threads where took To R and with N and I and about h to and.


In about l to.

Where To R and with N and I and about h to and.

In shop.

In about l to.

Let's try on tries on a cap, returns ee to the girl.

It is small.

And ears are not located.

There is you where To R and with N and I and about h to and.

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