The appreciation

The appreciation And though their idea of friendship is at assessment level of only external manifestations to help each other not to quarrel etc.

, this qualitatively new phenomenon has huge value in development of children.

The appreciation abilities to play in collective testifies to understanding and assimilation by children of rules of behavior, about growth of requirements to actions and acts of companions on joint game, about development of the identity of each child.

If children of younger and middle preschool age are limited only to fact ascertainin better what to be on friendly terms with that who well plays, in preparatory group to school differentiation of this concept begins.

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Eventually, you should

Eventually, you should In English word bring up It is synonymous to the word lift.

To lift the child.

Having looked at things from this party, You find new understanding.

You here to lift the child to heavens.

All the rest will occur by itself.

,You need to learn how to transfer the child to God.

Do not listen to authorities on the sphere of Education of children psychics.

Eventually, you should refuse and that I speak.

Listen to the heart.

It knows that is necessary.

Try to be released from head dictatorship.

Refuse habitual ways, And let everything goes, as goes.

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And it is very

And it is very In that measure in which intention on communication is in advance prepared, it is possible to release egoism.

We will see at once, how everything is perfectly realized we are free actually and should not limit myself.

From egoism not to get to anywhere.

Also it is not necessary! It grows.

And it is very good! You are roofing felt to should build on over it the communication with the others, and then this an ego theism will be to good.

– At idea level it really very much inspires.

Practically, what is necessary for the child to take this step towards to another – daily to communicate with other children under the direction of vospitate.

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Infectionth WEEK Inflammation of the plaintive channel What is such.

The gleam of the plaintive channel is very small even in a usual functional condition and when there is an inflammation of the plaintive channel, its walls are closed and form an obstacle for an effluence of plaintive liquid.

Infection of the plaintive channel can occur at any age, but more often it meets at children.

The age group from to weeks of life is most subject to a disease.

Symptoms of blockade of the plaintive channel include violation of an effluence of plaintive liquid from one or both eyes; in an internal corner of an eye often there is a slime or pus; morbidity, reddening and puffiness round an eye; reddening of the belochny cover located round an internal corner of an eye.

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In the childhood

In the childhood But to direct these children on the correct way, the brave adults ready to innovations are necessary.

These children teach us how to succeed in life, despite all difficulties which it before us puts.

They learn us to enjoy life and to conduct an active way of life with a clear aim ahead of themselves.

In the childhood many of them feel that society does not accept them, it seems to them that their specific manner to be trained, unusual abilities and high I.


only disturb them in life.

But with age they understand that actually all this only helps to assimilate with society.

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