The rude fellow

The rude fellow The guide who will politely answer is necessaryon questions.

Respect him ignorance!The person malicious, the speculator, the villain will use not with knowledge of the foreigner also will answer unintelligibly, umyshlenno misleading.

The rude fellow will mutter to itself undernose.

No, we not benevolently inform, and we fightalso we are barked with children we chide, we utter, nakazyvay.

As it is pitiable knowledge of the child, not would be poor at find it them from agemates, do not overhear, do not stealfrom words and conversations of adults.

Respect knowledge work!.

Respect failures and tears!Not only the torn stockin but also scratched to Coca but, not only the broken glass, but also the cut finger,bruise, the cone so, pain.


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