Even games of children, as something

Even games of children, as somethingI am afraid, these not too frequent pathological with standings of mass irritating boredom sometutors are inclined to consider as normal game of children,provided to itself.

Even games of children, as something frivolous, not dozhdafoxes of solid clinical researches.

It is necessary to remember that adults play also, not onlychildren; that not always children play willingly; what not all,that we call game, actually game; what ischildish sports imitation of serious activityadults; that games on the free open space one, and in wallscities or houses others; also that we can considerchildish sports only from the point of view of a place, which theyborrow in modern society.

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We include

We include In The sleeping beauty musicians play on ancient tools to lute, and harpsichord.

We include a player and we expand the ideas of music in general and musical instruments in particular.

Not at once, not to a certain term, without being guided by a reason that in years the child should know it as to know orchestra structure in years absolutely unessentially.

It should nothing to anybody.

It we should to train it so that to it it was easily breathed, it was clear, it was interesting.

Why almost in a week the child should learn to distinguish everything seven flowers of a rainbow Parents fight with it as if on it depends life on the earth.

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It is necessary

It is necessary At any backlog of one it is necessary to involve all group that it supported the companion.

the group surely should be more or less homogeneous.

And if who that has to adjoin it – it is necessary to do it in extreme cases and very much ostorozhno.

It is necessary to give it any time for preparation on accelerated programs that it could join in the same speed and in general in a technique, to understand a view of this group of life.

It with some difficulty.

But we have such examples when the child from outside really vkho in group and internally endures a certain conflict.

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If the child

If the child If first aid is rendered in time and correctly, the deadly outcome can be avoided.

If the child has a small cut or a graze, they need to be washed out warm water with soap, to wipe dry and to apply a bandage with antibacterial ointment.

If the child has a strong bleeding from a wound, it is necessary to press strongly fingers of hands wound area, previously having covered it with a pure napkin or clothes.

It is necessary to render pressure upon a wound with such force at which the full stop of bleeding is reached.

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Changes Remembering the fairy tale Teremok, he will agree that all animals came to this lodge and lived, the place sufficed to all small animals, the big bear did not come yet and did not break this .

The child well understands that all animals were located, it is necessary to build the big house.

Changes in mentality of children of the fourth year of life are reflected in their relationship with contemporaries speech for children of this age becomes the main means of communicationEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONwith other children.

The adult by means of speech can operate development and behavior of the child, namely to form at it concepts, to cause memoirs, to direct actions, to change its emotional condition.

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